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Top 5 Countries Not Easy to Beat

Top 5 Countries Not Easy to Beat

There are almost 200 countries in the world and there are lots of countries where any one can attack and beat them. But there are some countries which are such a powerful that, no one can easily beat them. Today, we will discus about 5 most powerful countries in the world those are not easy to beat and fight.

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 No.5 Iran


Iran is also one of the powerful country in the world. If a country attack on Iran, it's not easy to beat them. Now we will discus the main reason that Iran is not easy to beat. First thing the geography of Iran is great and amazing. Iran is covered with a high mountains and if some one try to attack on Iran, its too much hard to pass these mountains.
 Second reason is Iran Army. Yes, Iran army is also one of the best army is the world. There are more than 6 lac active soldiers in Iran army. Iran Also have a lots of latest weapons, more than 200 Fighter jets, 1650 Tanks and much more.. Iran having good relation with Russia, Turkey and Pakistan. So if some one attack on Iran, then these countries also helps to Iran and it's hard to beat..

 No.4 Australia


Australia is also in the list of those countries, which are not easy to beat. It's main reason is it's geographic maps. Australia is an Island country and surrounded with Oceans. And there are not any powerful country near Australia.So, its too hard to came near Australia with weapons. And if some one attacks on Australia, then that country make himself in trouble. Because 98 percent of Australian population lives in those city, which are created on banks of seas.
So, the whole central area of Australia is contains Deserts and Forests which are thousands of miles long.And these are lots of Australia Army secret bases and no one knows these Army bases locations. So it's too hard to beat Australia.

 No.3 Russia

Russian Army

Russia also is in list of most powerful countries which are not easy to beat.World's most powerful people's try to beat Russia on their time but they fails to beat. I mean Hitler and Nepolian attacks in Russia on their own time but they fails. Now Russia is More powerful than that time.
 Russia having one of the best Missile defense system which can secure it's from missile attacks. Also Russia is an nuclear power country. And world's seconds most powerful country. So, it's hard to beat Russia.. Also it's geography is the best thing to make it not easy to beat.

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 No.2 Pakistan

Pakistan Army

Pakistan is also a country that is not easy to fight and beat. Its mean reason is Pakistan Army which is the best and brave army in the world. Pakistan Air Force pilot are the best pilot in the world who makes lots of world record in Aviation history. Few Months ago Pakistani Pilot destroyed Indian Mig 21 and F16 Air craft within few seconds.
Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG Commando) is the highly trained commando force all over the world according to BBC and Wikipedia. SSG Commando not only help in Pakistan but also help to complete the mission of US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many others country. Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI is the number one intelligence agency in the world and every country admitted that ISI is the best. Then how someone can beat Pakistan?
Pakistan make JF-17 Thunder Block B which is able to fly with nuclear weapons and it's the only one air craft in the world which can carry nuclear weapons with its payload. Also it cannot b detected in Raydar. Pakistan have lots of nuclear weapons, tanks and missile which can destroy a big city in few seconds.
According to Survey, 85 to 90 % of Pakistani nation will stand with Pakistan Armed forces in case of War. That was the Power of Pakistan, Now we will talk about the friends of Pakistan who will ready to stand with Pakistan in case of War. Turkey, China, Russia, Iran and Malaysia will definitely help Pakistan in case of War. That's why Pakistan is a powerful country and not easy to beat.

 No.1 China

Chinese Army

China is also in the list of those country which is not easy to attack and beat. Because China have world's best defense system that can protect China from any attack. China have 2.3 Million solders in its armed forces who are highly trained and having latest weapons.
China having best nuclear weapons that are not easy to face for any country. Also China have the best fighter jets, missiles, and tanks for fight with enemy. If someone will attack on China, Pakistan will definitely reach to help China in case of War. And when two nuclear Powers country with their best nuclear weapons and highly trained forces stand together against any country, then you can imagine it's impossible to beat them. So, China is not easy to beat.

Guys these are 5 countries that are not easy to fight and beat.

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