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Top 5 Countries Never Ruled by British

Top 5 Countries Never Ruled by British

There are 195 countries in this world and there are only few countries that are never ruled by the  British Empire.British is the only one country who take over more countries all over the world.British Empire take over all over the world except only 22 countries. In this Article we will talk about only 5 countries which are never ruled by British.

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 No.5 Iran

Iran Army

Iran is also included in those countries those are never ruled by British as well as Europe. British and European Empire try hard to take over Iran but they fail. Because Iran was under Persian Empire which is also an powerful empire like Ottoman Empire. So, neither a British nor European could take over Iran.Russia also try to take over Iran but also failed.

 No.4 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Army

Saudi Arabia is Also a country which is never ruled by any British or European country. Saudi Arabia was under the Ottoman Empire that was an powerful empire in this history. So, no one can take over Saudi Arabia because of this powerful empire. That's why British, European and America are against the Ottoman Empire and they break this powerful empire but still they could not take over Saudi Arabia.

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 No.3 Thailand

Thailands Army

The world most popular tourist attraction and world 4th richest country Thailand also never ruled by any British or European Empire. The old name of Thailand was Kingdom of Siam. All neighborhood countries of Siam are under the rule of British and Europeans but still Kingdom of Siam was the only country which was independent. The main reason of it's independent was its King Rama V. He was so intelligence and smart person. He make friendship with British and European Empires and because of friendship, neither a British nor any European country try to rule this small country.

 No.2 Japan

Japan Army

The world number one technology holding country Japan is also a country who never ruled by British or European Empire. When the British are try to rule all over the world, Japan realize that they will also try to rule japan.  That why japan make it self a powerful country to stay independent country.Along with British, Russia and Europe also try to rule Japan but japan defeat them and also takeover many state of Russia. In defense purpose, Japan take over many state of China, Russia, North and South Korea to show the world that we are also a powerful country.

 No.1 China

China ARMY

China is now a powerful and a well developed country in the world and China is also in the list which is never ruled by the British or European Empires. When British are try to rule all over the world, China's population was very high at that time.Due to too much man power, China make it's army with a lots of man power. British and Europeans try hard to get take over on china but they fail.. European forces take over some states of China but Chinese army compel European forces to ran away.

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