Saturday, October 5, 2019

7 Most Amazing Borders in the World

There are more than 200 countries in the world and every country have it's specific boundary line which is called border. A border is a separated  a country to another country. There are lots of borders in the world and some of these are too much dangerous. Also there are some borders which makes you Laugh. In this article, we will know about the World 7 most amazing borders.

No.7 Spain Morocco Border

Spain Morocco Border

Ceuta is a city of Spain which is situated in Ceuta is connected with an African States Morocco. That's why, Morocco try to control this city as an it's own city. But Spain make an border between Morocco and Ceuta. This border is almost 6 meter  high which is equal to 20 feet and this border is created with steel frames and dangerous steel wires. Everyday thousand of people try to cross this border and make their lives in trouble. It's the only border which connect Europe to Africa.

No.6 Baarle-Nassau & Baarle-Hertog

No.6 Baarle-Nassau & Baarle-Hertog

Baarle-Nassau is a small town of Netherlands which is connected to Baarle Hertog which is a town of Belgium. This border between Netherlands and Belgium is amazing and funny.There are many houses that some of it's area is in Netherlands and some in Belgium. There are a restaurant which half area in Netherlands and half in Belgium.. It's an funny border in Europe, Isn't it??

No.5 Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Mount Everest not only a world highest mountain, Also it's the world highest border. The main border between China and Nepal is passing through out the Mount Everest. Which make it the most highest border in the World. That's why Mount Everest is also a part of China not only Nepal.

No.4 Derby Line, Vermont

Derby Line, Vermont

Derby line is an small town in United States but also the same town is situated in Canada.And there is an border line between Canada and America. This border is amazing and Funny because there are lots of houses which is constructed half in Canada and Half in America. There are some houses which's kitchen constructed in America area and Dining room is in Canada.
It mean's the people who lives in this house are make their food in America and Eat in Canada. Haha Amazing, Isn't it?? Also there is a big  theater in this border line.  And the stage of this theater is under Canada area and Chairs in America. Means if you are performing on stage, you are in Canada and if you are watching performance on sitting audience area, you are in America.

No.3 Tumen River Bridge

Tumen River Bridg

Tumer River is a big river which pass through the areas of China, North Korea and Russia. And there is an amazing bridge in this river, which is passes though the 3 countries.
If you are star walking from South Korea, after 800 meters you will be in China.And if you don't stop and pass the whole bridge, you are in Russia. Amazing. But these 3 countries are powerful and no one needs to enter in these countries without proper Visa and Passport.

No.2 Four Corners Monument

No.2 Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is an area, where 4 states of America connected at the spot. In this spot, you can stand on 4 states of America at the Same time. And these four states are Colorado, Utah, New Mexico a Arizona. People came there for visiting purpose. But there are no network coverage, no water to drink and no room to stay. So, if you came there for visiting this spot, you have to arrange your food and water first.

No.1 Indo Pak Border

The border between India and Pakistan is listed in world's largest international borders. It's length is almost 3323 Kilometer and it's passing through the world highest battle field i.e Siachen Glacier, where the temperature fall minus 50 degree centigrade, as well as passing through the Thar desert where temperature reached up to 50 degree centigrade.
It's the only international border which can be seen in space. Also it's an most dangerous border ever in the world.

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