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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Women

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Women

Every Persons having different good and bad qualities. But the women nature is very different from men. Their are lots of things that women totally changed from men. Today we will share top 10 facts about women that you don't know and that's are very amazing. Let's follow the article to know fact about women.

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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Women

  1. According to international research, Women talks more than a men. According to research women talks approximately twenty thousand (20,000) words per day and a men seven thousand words per day. It means women talk thirteen thousand (13,000) words more than men.
  2. In every ninety seconds (90) at least one woman died in the world during giving birth a new baby.
  3. You must heard a famous line that, "there is a lady behind the success of a every successful man". But you don't  know the property and money of  top twenty richest women in the world is not their own earned. It's the property that they got from their husband or father
  4. According to international research, men talk a lie at least 10 to 15 times a day. But a women 4 to 5 times a day.
  5. During this century every person use cosmetics either he is men or women. According to research, women used more than five hundred (500) different chemicals on their body. These chemicals may in the shape of shampoo, lotion, hair removing cream, face and body cream etc. Some of these chemicals are very harmful for human body and may the cause of skin cancer. That's the reason skin cancer in women is more than men.
  6. Only 2% of women think they are beautiful and pretty.85% of women in the world feels hesitation to join a party or ceremony just because they think they will not looking beautiful than other women.
  7. A Russian women make world record to giving birth of 69 babies in her life. No other women break her record till now.
  8. Amyon system of women grow slower than men that's why aging of women is slower than men and they looks more younger than men. And can survive more than men.
  9. No women became American President till now in the history of america. More than two hundred women take part in the American President Election but they fail to became an american president.
  10. Do you know that the world first computer programmer was a woman? She is from United Kingdom.
These are the facts about women. You can watch our video Top 15 Amazing Facts About Women on YouTube. The link is given below.

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