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Best Tips to Write SEO Friendly Post in Blogger/WordPress 2019

Best Tips to Write SEO Friendly Post in Blogger WordPress 2019v

To getting the High rank and More Traffic it's important that we know, "How To Write SEO Friendly Post in Blogger and WordPress." Mostly people given Money to google to get traffic or Rank.If we write an SEO friendly post then we don't have to need spend a large amount of Money to getting traffic.We have to follow some east things while posting in Blog or Any other website.You Should always keep in mind the Following Things while writing an Article.

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1. Post Title

You should have to write an Post Title According to your Topic.Post title is an Most Important thing for Write SEO Friendly Post.You should keep in mind that the title will having the Focus keyword that you have to use for that post.For Good SEO Friendly Post your Focus Keyword will be ate the First letter of your Title.

2. Select Keywords

You have to select the high search Keyword for your website.You can Search for Best keyword from Google keyword planner.In google Keyword planner you can search Keywords for any topic that ypu want to post.
You have to add your Keyword at the Title of the Post.Also you have to use your Focus keyword in Heading Tags such as H1, H2 , H3 etc.Also you have to use your Keyword in Paragraph of your Article.Keywords Also is the most important thing for SEO Friendly Post.Not Only use focus keyword you also have to use LSI keywords are the Related keywords that can be used to search your selected Topic.

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3. Permalinks

What is permalinks? Permalinks are those links which points to an website Front Page to it's post or Category or other page.How permalinks are important?When a person write any post or Topic in Blogger or WordPress then there are automatically generate a link for that post or Topic.By using this link people open this topic or Post.We have to Modify that permalinks For SEO. Use your Focus Keyword in Permalinks for SEO.

4. H1 H2 and H3 Heading and Sub-Heading

H1, H2 or H3 tags also are important for SEO Friendly Post.Heading and Sub-Heading are like a keywords and they will also increase your traffic for Your website or Blog.You have to add your focus keyword in sub headings. This is an important past of On Page SEO. Write heading of all paragraphs to explain the paragraphs.

5. Paragraphs

Do not write post direct in single have to put multiple of paragraphs so that your readers will easily Understand your Topic.if you write a Long article and just put in single paragraph then your Readers feel difficulties to understands your Topic.

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6. Images Alt Title and Text

All we knows that the image plays an important role in Any of Topic and SEO. You have do optimization of your Images so that your traffic rank will be increase and people easily search your article.Don't put any image without Alt title and Alt Text because it's against the SEO. Always use the post title as an Alt Title and Post Focus keyword in the Alt text.
Search engines cannot see images on websites, so it is important to give the image an alt text and relevant file name to ensure Google knows what the image is about. By not creating this text, you lose a huge opportunity to be as visible as possible online.

7. Search Description Or Meta Description

You have to put the search description of every Article because search discretion or meta Description is also important for SEO friendly Post in Blogger or website.Don't forgot to enter your Post search description or meta description in every post.Also always use your focus keyword in search description or meta description.

8. Interlinking

Have you recently visited Wikipedia Website? Did you notice why they put too much links in their article? Wikipedia always links their old article in newer article and newer articles links with older articles. These kind of linking chain is called interlinking in Post.
Interlinking in Post or Article is an important SEO trick.You have to always use other links in your current Topic.It's an very strong back-linking system.This will increase your website traffic as well as also increase your Domain authority and Page authority.

Always keep in mind these things while Write SEO Friendly Post in Blogger and WordPress.

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